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Domain Name Registration

What is a domain name?

Domain names are names that humans can use and memorize as substitutes for IP numbers used in the internet to provide addresses for specific network connected components in the world wide web. For instance, when you are visiting this page, you are using our domain name as part of the URL of this site. The most commonly known usage of domain names is in the URL of websites and email addresses. Whether a web user is aware or not, he or she must have used some domain names to connect to the internet, visit websites and exchange emails

How much does a domain name cost?

The industry standard for domain registry fee is $25.00-$35.00 per year for any .com, .net. or .org domain. But, we will register your .com, .net. or .org domain name for you for just $20.00per year. This fee includes all InterNIC fees and is non-refundable. For all domains that we register for you, you own the domain.

So, how can I order my own domain name?

You can order a domain name through us with or without a hosting account. If you order an account from us, we register your domain name for you, configure it in our server and point the domain to the web hosting account you order from us. In either case, you can order a new domain name using our online order forms.

What is a "Parked" domain?            

A "Parked" domain is one that has been registered but does not have a website created for it. For example a "domain name" is like a "home address" You could have a new address but not built your house yet on the site. We can register your name to save it for you until you build your site. The charges will be. $10.00per month per domain name. This fee is in addition to the $20.00 domain registration fee. The parked domain will resolve to a page in our server with your own domain name and email address on it. Whenever you get a website we can instantly forward your domain to your new site..



Domain Registration Request Form

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All of the above fields must be filled out. We will send an email to the address given to acknowledge the order. Direct POP3 email only. (we do not accept email orders from free accounts i.e. hotmail or yahoo) We will register your domain name for you. As soon as it is approved we will send you an e-mail requesting payment. If you want us to register your name and re-direct it to another server we will do so at no extra charge. For Domain Registration payment must be made via Pay Pal on the Payments page of this site.   Click Here for Payment   The Domain name will not be available to you until all fees are paid in full via PayPal. Since we are the only registration service to make this offer please do not ask for different payment terms for Domain Registration

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